Book design | DMJX

Book Series design for Icelandic writer Einar Mar Gudmundsson in cooperation with Denmark’s second-largest publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof. The idea for the cover design came from the book ‘Universets Engle’ (Universe Angels) which is about paranoid schizophrenia. So the idea was that each book has a black and white image with a colored overlay of color symolizing paranoid schizophrenia. Each illustration on the cover illustrates a point in the history. I used the colored overlay as a pattern for the spine to give the overall series a colorful varied expression when all the books are collected in the glass box.

philipjohansen_einermargudmundsson_universetsphilipjohansen_einermargudmundsson_vingeslag  philipjohansen_einermargudmundsson_ridderne philipjohansen_einermargudmundsson_beatlesmanifestphilipjohansen_einermargudmundsson_box