Café Miao | DMJX

A three-week project working in groups of two. We had to find a client who needed a completely new brand strategy and a new visual identity. We chose to work with Café Miao a cat café based in Copenhagen. We worked with the touch point model: Before, under and after – when costumer is in contact with the brand. We went through the whole concept and developed basically everything. Things like: From where and how they should advertise – to how the café should be organized, how the staff should act – to which drinks and food that they could offer their visitors and what kind of merchandise they were going to sell in the shop. And finally, how they would get their visitors to come back for more. We developed a completely new identity for the cat café, which also got a new name, Miao Home. The concept is build on the Danish word “hygge” translated to English is “cosiness”, a café where you could come and fill at home while you were petting cats, relaxing in a armchair and enjoying a cup of coffee.